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U.S. Congressman Al Green – 9th District of Texas  joined us to discuss post-debate Analysis,  bring us his Capitol Hill Update, and  encourage listeners to get out and VOTE.

So what has President Barack Obama done during his term and why should voters elect him? Green sets the record straight.

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  1. Passed the Affordable Care Act.
  2. Passed the 787B stimulus to make sure the economy turns around.
  3. Passed Wall Street reform
  4. Ended the War in Iraq
  5. Began draw-down of the war in Afghanistan
  6. Eliminated Osama Bin Laden
  7. Turned the US Auto industry around
  8. Re-capitalize banks
  9. Repealed Don’t ask, Don’t Tell
  10. Toppled Khadaffi goverment

Congressman Green says President Obama is committed to ending the wars because two wars have been funded when we couldn’t afford it.

Do you agree?

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