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President Barack Obama talked with the Tom Joyner Morning Show to say thank you for re-electing him as President of the United States. He also discussed the obstacles we must overcome during his second term and explained the fiscal cliff.

On understanding the fiscal cliff and how it will affect us:

The Bush tax cuts lapse unless Congress acts. Let’s extend the tax cuts to keep the low for the middle class and go up for the upper class.

The sequester was set u to cut an additional trillion dollars worth of spending, but it will prevent us from finding jobs and obtaining healthcare. 

All Republicans need to do is let the taxes go up for the upper income folks, as the majority have agreed so I can combine it with helping to fund things like education, job creation and all the things that we talked about during the campaign.

This is a solve-able problem. It should not be a crisis. Call your members of Congress and say to them to not let taxes go up on the middle class. Don’t let the working class carry the burden for deficit reduction when millionaires and billionaires aren’t doing their fair share.

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