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Keenan Ivory Wayans and the Wayans clan sat down with Oprah for Oprah’s Next Chapter.  Keenan explained why the hit ’90s show, ‘In Living Color’ will not be returning to TV.

He said, “I had sat down with FOX. We had even gone as far as trying to do a pilot, but I realized that, talent has changed. Every generation is different. We were sort of the last children of that . . . that Vaudeville style where you were a showman. Where you had to sing and dance and do characters and impressions. And that’s not how it is now. Now, people are . . . they’re still funny, very funny, but they don’t do all of those things in one. So it was challenging to find the next Jim Carrey, the next Damon Wayans . . .no, it’s the new so and so, the new so and so and the new so and so. Keenan added that he didn’t do the show because it wouldn’t have lived up to its legacy.