Wendy: My husband?

Tom: Oh, you’re married!

Sybil: Yes, she is.

Wendy: I was like wait a minute now –

Sybil: What have you heard? (laughter)

Wendy: Really, Tom? (Laughter)

Tom: And what about Malik? What about Malik this year? He went into a dark place last season.

Wendy: It’s not as dark this season. He’s trying to stretch that dollar out. He’s trying to come back and be that enterpro-Negro. He starts a business. Some real funny stuff but he’s got his own thing happening. We don’t see each other – our characters. We don’t cross paths but when we do, it’s amazing.

Sybil: What about the loss of characters over the past season? Tia Mowry’s not coming back this season. She’s done.

Wendy: Right, right. We’ve got new cast additions and nobody’s being replaced or anything like that. It’s kind of similar to how the NFL is. You know you’ve got a draft, people get traded and they go and they come. That’s basically how this is going to take place. But Lauren London comes in and Jay Ellis. So we’ve so mo’ eye candy for the women and the men. Some mo’ funny and some freshness and it don’t stop and it don’t stop.

Sybil: I really enjoyed you on the twins reality show, seeing you with Tia and hanging out with her. Would you do a reality show?

Wendy: You know, it would have to be the right format. It would have to benefit me in a lot of ways and I wouldn’t compromise anything artistically for a reality show.

Sybil: So that would be a “No.”

Tom: She got a 100 episodes now.


Wendy: Remember, it’s cable.

Sybil: The Game returns on Tuesday nights.

Wendy: Yes, love  you!

Tom: Love you, too.

There’s a New “Game” In Town: Wendy Raquel Robinson Previews New Season  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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