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As I was getting on the Fantastic Voyage I got a call from a dear friend who was distraught because he just lost hos brother in a car accident. But as terrible as the accident and sudden loss of his brother was, he was frantic over the fact that he and his brother had not had words in over 6 months. And the argument was over something so small he could barely remember how it started.

How many of us are currently beefing, fighting, or not speaking to a loved one, family member or friend over some BS. Some of us are not speaking to someone over something that was serious. But is it serious enough to hold yourself in a prison of un-forgiveness? NO. Life is too short and we have to embrace the value of forgiveness.

So I want you to do three things today.

1.     Realize your ego is not more important than your future. Our egos hold on to things, push us to stand our ground, and be spiteful for things that even though we were wronged or hurt require we let them go to move forward.

2.     Reach out to someone today and say I’m sorry, I forgive you, or I let it go. Forgiving others gives you the room to keep moving. Forgiveness also does not mean you let someone back in your life or say that what they did was OK. You give YOU the room to look to what is next and not what is behind you.

3.     Forgive AND forget. I know many say you can’t do it or that you shouldn’t so that you wont be hurt again. But many of you are hurting yourself over and over again by intentionally holding on to that “thing” someone did to you. If you can….let it go. How often has God forgotten our past stuff to prepare us for future blessings? Forget it and move on.

Forgive others and embrace your future. You deserve it.

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