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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

Oh, no.  Lil Wayne was rushed to the hospital again after he had a seizure, a seizure, a seizure, a seizure.  This is like the 20th seizure Lil Wayne’s had since Christmas.  But what’s causing these seizures?  Some say it’s epilepsy and some say it’s that sizzurp.  But others say that it’s the ghost of Emmet Till.

 Lindsay Lohan checks in today for her court ordered rehab.  And for her 90 stay at the rehab center Lindsay Lohan has packed 270 outfits.  What the hell does someone in rehab need 270 outfits for?  Lindsay can fool all you white folks into thinking she’s a diva, but us black people know the truth.  Her ass is getting evicted so she’s bringing all her stuff.

Conservative idiot Rush Limbaugh says that he’s sick and tired of hearing about NBA player Jason Collins coming out of the closet.  And that the whole story is being “rammed down our throats.”  Now isn’t a coincidence that Rush Dimbulb used a phrase like rammed down our throats when talking about a gay man?  No, it’s not.  He’s going for cheap shot value.  And that type of back door approach is a low blow that’s hard to swallow and drives people nuts.

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