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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

Rock legend Rod Stewart has made a small confession.  Rod says that back in the ‘80s he was taking steroids to help his voice.  But he became addicted to those steroids and consequently those steroids shrunk his manhood, the same drugs that kept his vocal sweet left his meat petite, and Rod Stewart even made a song about it. ♫ “If you see my weeny and you think it’s teeny c’mon sugar help it grow.” ♫

Even though she has more money actress Demi Moore is demanding spousal support from her ex Ashton Kutcher.  Yep, Demi is reportedly punking Ashton for millions of dollars.  So you young dudes please remember.  These cougars may be fun titties to play with, but when they bring the claws out they go for the kill.  (Cougar roar)

Evander Holyfield, Jr. is a hero.  The 29-year-old son of the former heavyweight champ saved a woman’s life by donating his bone marrow.  Wow, Evander Jr. is just like his father, never afraid to give a woman some bone.

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