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May has come and gone but June is here and in full effect! I thought it important to speak on  skin and sun especially as it pertains to health.

Via Web MD:

The sun’s rays make us feel good, and in the short term, make us look good. But our love affair isn’t a two-way street: Exposure to sun causes most of the wrinkles and age spots on our faces. Consider this: One woman at age 40 who has protected her skin from the sun actually has the skin of a 30-year-old!

Skin color obtained from being in the sun – actually accelerates the effects of aging and increases your risk for developing skin cancer.

Sun exposure causes most of the skin changes that we think of as a normal part of aging. Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light damages the fibers in the skin called elastin. When these fibers break down, the skin begins to sag, stretch, and lose its ability to go back into place after stretching. The skin also bruises and tears more easily — taking longer to heal. So while sun damage to the skin may not be apparent when you’re young, it will definitely show later in life.

So protect yourself and your family this weekend and all summer and year long by ensuring you have a great sunscreen on. Not any sun block will do you justice however. Be sure to purchase one with Broad Spectrum which covers all types of UV Rays and has key ingredients that include: Octinoxate & Zinc Oxide.

Benefits you want from a sunscreen:

  • High UVA/UVB protection
  • Sheer matte finish- so you don’t have to be shiny and greasy, gross!
  • Nonwhitening- so you don’t have to have a ashy finish to the skin
  • Paba-free and fragrance-free- just made up of the essentials, no unnecessary extras
  • For all skin types- non discriminatory, fitting for all ages and skin types!

My personal favorite is Obagi Medical Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50

Hope this serves you and your family!