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Cherrelle and the late Whitney Houston were great friends growing up, closer than sisters, the veteran artist behind hits like “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” told Kandi Eastman when she visited Majic 102.1 recently.

They were so close, in fact, she says God helped prepare her for Whitney’s death through a dream in February 2012.

Cherrelle says the night before her death, a nightmare jarred her from her sleep in which someone was trying to kill the best friends in a hotel room. Due in town to see Whitney the next day following a Dallas concert, Cherrelle said the news was hard to swallow.

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“When I got the call, somebody from security found me, asked me if I was in town yet–to pull over–they have something to tell me,” Cherrelle said. “They kept saying ‘your sister, your sister, your sister.’ I got the news, and from there, it was almost like God had to prepare me with a vision the night before, even though nobody is really ready for it. It was not easy.”

Calling Bobbi Kristina her “niece,” she also delivered a beautiful message to the embattled daughter of Whitney Houston.

“Stay strong, she knows what mommy instilled in her,” Cherrelle said. “You just walk with that, walk with that, soar with all the things mommy taught you. Kristina, I love you.”

In addition to performing at Majic 102.1’s Live After 5 last week, Cherrelle has been busy crossing the country performing for thousands and mentoring new artists. She says for anyone compelled to get into music, a willingness to put in the time necessary to be a success is the most important asset a singer can have.

Live After 5: Thousands Gather to See Cherrelle [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

“It takes hard work, it takes rehearsals,” she said. “A lot of the new artists don’t want to rehearse. I used to rehearse 16 hours. The more you work at it–you’re never that good–and I used to rehearse more than I could. So, rehearse!”

Watch Cherrelle talk about her friendship with Whitney in this exclusive video below, plus updates on Jimmy Jam and Terry LewisAlexander O’Neal and her dirty little secret on how she keeps so fit!

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