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This is interesting.  According to Pulse of Radio:

Kevin Hart has said that rumors that he doesn’t like dark-skinned women is ridiculous. Kevin’s ex-wife Torrei is dark-skinned and his girlfriend Eniko is light-skinned. He told Bossip that it’s the craziest rumor he has ever heard about himself. He explained, “My daughter’s dark-skinned, my ex-wife is dark-skinned . . . but I get ONE new girlfriend and it’s ‘HE HATES SISTAS!!’ I wish y’all could see how many times a day I do this (makes crazy face). That’s my face for unwarranted attacks.”

He continued, “Here’s the reality. You wanna know the sad reality that I say to angry women? If it wasn’t her it [still] wouldn’t be you! That’s the sad part of the reality. So, these people that get angry about another man’s happiness, ask yourself, ‘if he wasn’t with her, would he be with you?’ The answer still is NO! So either way, you’re putting time and energy into somebody else’s happiness.”

Kevin also spoke to Madamenoire about his ex-wife talking about him in the media.  He said:

“I respect my ex-wife. She’s the mother of my kids, which is why I never bad talk her. Regardless of what she says or what she gives the media, she’s the mother of my kids. I respect her for that. She’s my ex-wife, I respect her for that. So, I’ll never talk bad about her.” See that. See these great answers you get? People will flip that and still say ‘he’s a piece of s**t’ tomorrow!”

That man is a fool!

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