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According to Pulse of Radio,

Problems continued yesterday (October 2nd) on the second day of the Affordable Care Act health exchanges being open for Americans to get information and enroll, with users still coming up against long waits, malfunctioning websites and messages telling them to try again later, particularly in the 34 states where the marketplaces are being managed by the federal government. That came as most system managers reported that traffic yesterday continued to exceed their expectations and federal and state officials moved to beef up the computer systems. Federal officials said they were pleased, however, with the high traffic, saying it showed a great demand that made clear the need for the health care law that created the exchanges. People have until December 15th to sign up for plans that take effect on January 1st, and can enroll as late as March 31st without being penalized for not having insurance.

Well, the president told us there would be glitches.  I’m sure we’ll get through it.