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People are split over Oxygen’s “Preachers of L.A.”.

Some people think it is inappropriate for religious leaders to appear on reality television while others think it is a good tool for getting out the word.

Bishop Noel Jones defended joining the “Preachers of L.A.” cast to the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew, he explained, “I have always wanted to reduce the iconopathic proclivities that church people have towards their leaders. The problem is you put men on pedastals they can’t live on and at the end of the day we turn around and slaughter them; When nobody is perfect but Jesus Christ.”

But TJMS co-host, Sybil Wilkes, was not pleased with the response, she countered asking, “So, you all allowed yourselves to be put on pedestals and now you allow this TV show to knock you down?”

Bishop Jones quickly replied, “You don’t allow yourself to be put on the pedestal. You can’t help the subjective proclivities of people who want to make you more than who you are.”

Wilkes quipped, “You have a lot of great, fancy words but what you see in this, is men of God who are preaching the word, who are now seen as just regular guys but it is in such a disturbing [way].”

In response, Bishop Jones said, “it is not disturbing!…Who in the world, who has been going to church, especially in our culture, from slavery to now; who in the world, has ever thought that the preacher was God?”

Wilkes responded with a simple, “a lot of people.”

How did this heated debate end? Find out after you listen to the full interview above.

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