Reform Your Core With The CoreBody Reformer

Prefer your #workoutflow via a mat or in a Pilates/Yogi type of way? Then you are going to flip when you get your hands on the Nautilus CoreBody Reformer.

I am a humungous fan of both Pilates and Yoga and give this system two solid thumbs up! I love how this portable piece of equipment infuses the core strengthening power of Pilates, the cardio fit fun of dance and the flexibility components of yoga all in one RAD workout.

Fusion workouts are tricky, however this simplified version of a reformer that doubles as a cable pulley machine and balancing beam makes working your core not only challenging but creative. The assembly was just as easy as the included DVD’s and workout cards,were to follow, and I especially love how after I have got my sweat on I could just hide it securely under my bed (huge plus for us NYC FitGirls).

Oh, and can you say cha-llen-ging?! There are three resistance levels for the pulleys—three, six and nine pounds—and the exercises were you stand on the reformer were my absolute fav. If you like a good fusion then do more for your core and give the CoreBody Reformer a shot.


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