Davion’s sister, Demetrius, said Davion’s mother was once “in a dark place” because of her addiction to crack. McCloud became a criminal and a repeat offender because of her serious crack addiction, according to Mailonline. She was arrested and convicted for crimes including robbery, theft, assault, battery and cocaine procession. She was sent to jail at least 15 times.

“Mama battled with drugs most of her life,” Demetrius told Mailonline. “Everything that went wrong for her was down to the drugs, it was an illness that she had to try to live with. Towards the end, she had turned things around and was trying to make amends, but by that point she was very sick with the diabetes.”

“The fact she couldn’t raise him doesn’t mean she didn’t love him,” Demetrius said. “She talked about him every single day. Her dying wish was that we would be able to get him back into our family, somehow.”

So now, Davion’s caseworker, Connie Going, will have to determine whether Davion’s family is a suitable fit for Davion.

Will Davion’s family provide the financial, emotional and spiritual support that Davion needs? Can they enforce a philosophy of healthy eating and nurture Davion into manhood? Will they support his academics and keep him intellectually grounded? Are there other families that can better care for Davion?

And does Davion even want to live with his newly-discovered relatives?

I don’t have all the answers, but I am simply asking reasonable questions.

What do you think?

COMMENTARY: Davion Only’s Family Suddenly Wants to Adopt Him: Why Now?  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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