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R. Kelly has opened up about writing x-rated lyrics.  He told VIBE,

“When I’m doing my music it’s like I’m sitting up there getting high off of it. I’m smoking it and I’m taking it in. I’m inhaling, I’m exhaling, and now I’m starting to feel some type of way. So with “Cookie” and all of the metaphors, even back to “You Remind Me Of My Jeep,” and lyrics like “Stick the key in the ignition…lick it in the middle…” The whole nine…but when you take those funny things and the metaphors, and mix them all together, and make it into a great melody, and it comes out like that, that’s the gift. Some people are talented and some people are gifted. I know how to take those little metaphors and mix them all up and then it comes out into a song. It’s no different than “Feeling On Your Booty.” It becomes somewhat comedic, but sexual.”

That man is truly a musical genius.

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