Alston’s works entitled “Modern Medicine and Magic in Medicine,” formed part of a series of murals for the Harlem Hospital Center, created by Alston and 35 black artists who served under his direction. Unfortunately, his murals were discouraged by the hospital’s top administrators, Lawrence Dermody and S. S. Goldwater. The men objected to the murals because of the number of prominent African Americans depicted in the scenes.  Despite this fact, the project gained financial backing from Louis Wright and was given public attention.  Not only did Alston walk away successful, but he met his wife during his work with the project, Dr. Myra Logan, a surgeon at the hospital.

Much of Charles Alston’s work was published in The New Yorker and Fortune magazines. He would become the first black instructor at the Arts Students League and would sell one of his pieces to the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. His most popular works include those titled “Family” and “Walking”. His art was most recently seen at Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey. Charles Alston died in 1977.

Little Known Black History Fact: Charles Alston  was originally published on

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