You gotta tune in tomorrow night to find out what is going on. As you know, Rodney moved in. All I got to say is whoooo, ain’t nothing like that man leaving the toilet seat up.

TJMS: Joshua is allergic to everything but air and water, but you came up with a solution for that, right?

He has several allergies and I came up for something with parents who deal with the same thing with their child. If you go to You put the child’s name on the shirt and add his name and then check off what he’s allergic and send him on to the party or event.

TJMS: Is your real love life going to get more play on the show?

I’m just going to let the cameras come in and see me with my friend. They’re going to watch the show and see me in a negligee? They watch the show and they’re going to say is that bullet wounds on her leg? Is that a knife mark? I’m going to be like one of those bad strippers.

First Look: All-New Season of Raising Whitley

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