How do you respond to critics who say this show reinforces negative stereotypes of Black women and Black families? I think Mary Jane is more than an African-American woman. A white woman can have the same issues. A Hispanic woman can have the same issues. I think they need to look at it as entertainment and the actual real problems that women have whether they’re Black or whatever. Mary Jane is a professional, she’s educated but she also has things she’s battling with and I think every woman can relate to that. I don’t want them to put it in a box as another Black show. It’s not a “Black” show. It’s a phenomenal show.

What can we expect from the finale? I want to leave a little bit to the imagination but it’s going to be juicy and it’s going to be babies and this and that. I think everyone should tune in and see what we’ve done. It’s absolutely phenomenal and it’s nothing but a teaser for what’s to come for Mary Jane.

So will there be a second season? We’re all waiting to hear the news. Hopefully. We’re playing a waiting game.

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