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It’s very interesting to see what people really think  about you….I mean what they REALLY think about you. It seems that reality tv has shown us a sides of our favorite celebrities that are not so favorable and quite honestly judging by the feed back, we fans don’t want to see. Many people who have been perceived in a negative light on these shows usually blame it on bad editing.   One person who’s being very honest about how reality tv has had a negative affect on her life is R&B Divas Nicci Gilbert.

niccigilbertpxrywj9qr-qm“Do I wish that I had never done the show? Absolutely,” Gilbert told “Let me clarify that. I’m very thankful for the opportunity but it’s affected my mother. It’s affected my marriage. It’s affected my business. The clothing line that I launched we shut down servers in season one. In season two, I literally lost my entire investment. “

Gilbert’s public perception comes from an oftentimes negative image on “R&B Divas,” an image she says damaged the demand for her clothes from Curvato as well as her potential professional accomplishments.

“I was at the table having a conversation with – I’ll never forget – Lane Bryant about my clothing line and it was literally the day after one of the huge fights on the show, I was asked about that in the meeting,” the Brownstone singer said. “I’ve lost deals and probably the most sorrowful experiences is the Michigan Chronicle which is the Black go to newspaper from my hometown. One of my bookers asked them to have me come in to meet with the paper. They said, ‘We don’t have any interest in her at all.’”

Personally, the professional backlash has carried over as physical threats from “R&B Divas” viewers have been cause for concern.

While I don’t agree with any one ever threatening physical harm on a celebrity, I do believe that you have to be responsible for your behavior. You cant go around life thinking that you can carry yourself any kind of way without consequence just because you are good at singing or rapping. I thank Nicci for coming out with how this has affected her true reality. Don’t be so quick to put all your business out.


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