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Curves are celebrated and idolized in our culture but in corporate environments, a shapely frame can pose a dilemma. Curvy women  may feel their corporate chic attire becomes inadvertently sexy due to large hips or breasts.

Here are a few ways to ensure that you feel comfortable in professional settings no matter your shape:

1. Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

Fit is key when dressing in the workplace so don’t shy away from tailoring or custom-made pieces that will flatter your unique frame.

2. Dress Well Inside

Invest in a well-fitted bra. A good bra and shapewear should be your wardrobe staple as it will ensure a smooth finish underneath your dresses.

3. Maintain Knee-Length Factor

Whether you’re wearing skirt or a dress, always take it as a rule of thumb to end the hemline of your dress at the point where your legs tend to get smaller.

4. Know What Your Clothes Say About You

You should always be conscious of your curves and dress accordingly. For example, if you have large breasts, look for camisoles and necklaces that raise the neckline. If you have curvy hips, look for pencil skirts and sheath dresses that skim your curves but don’t cling. Plunging necklines or skin-tight dresses are not merely distracting, but they can make you seem unprofessional regardless of your true work ethic and character.

What are your tips for dressing professionally with a voluptuous figure? What works and what doesn’t? Is it necessary to hide your shape at work?

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