It’s been an unseasonably warm November, and retailers of cold-weather clothing are suffering as a result. According to Consumerist, The chief financial officer of Macy’s explains to Reuters, “Those [cold weather] businesses have been tough and obviously often you go to the store to buy the coat when it’s cold, so it’s impacting other categories […]


Curves are celebrated and idolized in our culture but in corporate environments, a shapely frame can pose a dilemma. Curvy women  may feel their corporate…

Lady Gaga dropped some serious cash at an auction over the weekend. She bought 55 items once owned by Michael Jackson, including the jacket he wore on the Bad tour. According to The Associated Press, Gaga intends on preserving the items. The jacket that Jackson wore on the Bad tour reportedly cost $240,000.  A pair of crystal-encrusted gloves sold for more that […]


via: For all you ladies out there who stand a little taller when you purchase those expensive pumps or a new silk top, fear not. New research from Northwestern University validates the power that comes with clothes, and the price tag you might associate with it. We’ve all heard the old adage, “You are […]


Imagine.  You are working in your garage and you hear a pound on the door.  You look up to find an unfamiliar person in front of you, clad in a hooded sweatshirt.  Who is he?  What does he want?  Why is he wearing a hood?  And to your relief, you realize that he is your […]

Being the youngest girl in my family (including my cousins), I always had a hard time getting my own things.  Whenever I needed new pants, my older sister or cousin would always have a pair that I could take.  When I was younger, I resented this.  As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve started to embrace […]