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2012 BET Awards - Radio Room - Day 2

Who could blame anyone for being attracted to Tank? I mean, he is famously sexy and 1/3 of the R&B Trio TGT. His luscious vocals on songs like Please Don’t Go, Maybe I Deserve and his hot new single You’re My Star, surely melts the heart of any true Tank fan. But one fan, an alleged gay minister, went a bit too far by sending unsolicited video of “his” private parts to Tank via Instagram Direct Message. Tank put the man on blast by posting a screenshot along with this statement:

“I first apologize for this image to all my fans and anybody who sees this! This man is claiming to be a minister and sends this to my DM!! This is what’s wrong with the church now! Misrepresentation of God and who he really is!! This is the devil operating in our sacred place! We can’t allow this ANYWHERE!! I have no problems with homosexuals BUT I do have a problem with this!! What message were you trying to send a straight man “minister”? I hope ur bishop everybody in ur congregation become aware of your actions! If you’ll send this to a celebrity God only knows what ur sending to kids and etc!! The devil is working and this is what it looks like! I won’t stand by and allow it to happen! I will take this down soon, BUT this serves as a warning to you perverts infiltrating our churches!! You’re not welcome!! I pray that God deals with you swiftly and accordingly!”

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