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Actress/comedienne Kym Whitley isn’t turning down any roles despite the success of her OWN reality show Raising Whitley. She now has a role on the ABC Family show Young and Hungry, which premieres this Wednesday at 8 p.m. The show is about a food blogger, Gabi (Emily Osment) who gets a job as a personal chef to a tech entrepreneur, Josh (Johnathan Sadowski). Sparks, of course, ensue. 

“If they’d given this to me years ago, I could have been young and hungry, now I’m old and full,” laughs Whitley. “I am playing the help, I am playing the housekeeper but I’m like an executive housekeeper. I wear silk and pearls and it’s kinda like Marla Gibbs on The Jeffersons. I don’t do nothing but fuss and talk smack and walk around.”

Whitley says she got the role through guest appearances on ABC Family Shows like Baby Daddy. She was offered the role and liked the script and the chance to trade barbs with Entourage’s Rex Lee, who also appears on the show, so she signed on.

Like most of the socially connected world, Whitley has been following the saga of Jeremy Meeks, the world’s hottest convicted felon. She says that half the problem is that he’s lightskinned.

“We like a little bad boy,” Whitley says. “ This is the problem. He’s light-skinned. But light-skinned and bad boy just don’t mix. Ask Shemar Moore. He’s been struggling to be a bad boy on TV for years. God rest his soul, but Michael Clarke Duncan had done it, nobody would have been looking his way. That boy came on there with those light eyes and that little teardrop…I’ve already embroidered some panties with my number on them to send to the jail.”

Whitley says men do the same thing.

“Ask LisaRaye and Omarosa. They keep a man. Men love that – you be light-skinned or dark-sinned, it don’t matter but they love that little bit of challenge.”

As for her own son, Joshua, Whitley says she wants him to be a good guy – to a point.

“I want him to be a good guy. But I don’t want him to be a punk, now hold up. Cause there are women out there like Sybil [ Wilkes.] I don’t want him being used and kicked to the curb. Because women can be nasty. We’re like ‘He’s so nice,’ and then a year later, we’re bored. We like a little challenge.”  

Listen to Kym talk more about Jeremy Meeks and why teardrop tatts are a no-no in the audio above. 

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