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Unfortunately, most smartphones don’t carry with them a tiny price tag, especially when you buy one without an accompanying contract.  Fortunately Samsung appears to have recognized that and thus have unleashed four Android KitKat devices for the frugal among us.

Galaxy Core 2

(Credit: Samsung)

The heaviest hitter among the quartet is the Galaxy Core II, with its larger 4.5-inch screen and faster quad-core processor.  However, it does lack somewhat in the memory department due to the fact the RAM has been cut from 1GB to 768MB.  The built-in storage also takes a hit, chipping it down to 4GB.  To make up for the downgrade in memory, the Galaxy Core II has a micro-SD card slot.

The rest are really better suited for first-time smartphone owners.

The Galaxy Ace 4 is mostly just a software-focused refresh of the Ace 3, and the Galaxy Young 2 and Star 2 are strictly for those with only the base needs, but both do have 3.5-ince half-VGA screens and fixed-focus cameras.

These are not flashy phones, so chances are you’ll probably not be rushing out to be the first to buy one.  However, if you’re on a budget and looking to wade into the waters of the smartphone, these phones are a great place to save a buck or two.

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