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Calorie counting is an age-old pastime, but as is the case with pretty much everything in the world these days, there’s now a high tech equivalent to the old “look at the box” trick.  And I know what you’re thinking: Patrick, this is nothing new because there are countless calorie counting apps for the smartphone.



Perhaps, but are you sure you’ve seen it all?  I’m pretty sure you’ve never actually scanned your cheeseburger and gotten an instant caloric readout on your smartphone, have you?

Israel-based tech startup Consumer Physics, Inc. is working on a gadget called SCiO that analyzes the chemical makeup of your food, letting you scan your grub and, allegedly, get an accurate breakdown of its nutritional values, including everything from calories, trans fat, and taste.

By placing a sensor near your food for only two seconds, SCiO will be able to analyze the chemical makeup and send you the information via the cloud.

This crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $2.5 million, shattering its initial goal of $200,000, so you can expect shipping of the SCiO in December of this year,

You know you want to check this out, so CLICK HERE and find out what SCiO is really all about.

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