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The owner of an Austin, Texas gun store, Central Texas Gun Works, Michael Cargill heroically stopped a possible mass murder from happening at a local hospital.

An unidentified man showed up to Central Texas Gun Works looking to buy a shocking amount of ammunition. According to the Cargill, the man requested 500 rounds of full metal jacket and 500 rounds of hollow point, 500 rounds of ball, 500 rounds of wadcutter, among other things. The man also wanted to purchase a Sig Sauer pistol. The store owner said the man claimed, “I want to make sure you guys have the ammunition for it. I’m going to go over to the hospital and shoot everyone in that hospital.” The owner didn’t overreact to the man’s insane request and pressed the panic button to alert the authorities.

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The unidentified man said, “I know I look terrible. I just had the worst night of my life. I just got out of the hospital and this terrible stuff happened. Awful. I don’t even want to ever think about what happened last night. I’m not walking in this f*cking town another minute without a gun on me.” According to the owner, he was wearing a hospital bracelet and he continued chatting with the man until the police showed up.

When Austin police arrived, they were able to quickly take the man into custody. The bracelet the man was wearing showed that he was just released from a psychiatric hospital because they ran out of beds. Yeah, that’s a thing. Had Cargill not been the one to handle this man, who knows how this story would have ended.

One thing’s for sure, this small story shows us that there’s two bigger issues: gun control and mental health. So we’re just going around releasing mental health patients into the world because we’ve run out of beds? What part of the game is this? Clearly there needs to be some investigating into these practices, especially if it’s something they often do.

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