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Beyonce promised fans two new singles ’7/11″ and “Ring Off,” and they’re here. We repeat. Beyonce’s new singles are here…in their entirety and they’re pretty awesome.

“Ring Off” is an upbeat, woman-empowering tune that seemingly details her “mama” Tina’s divorce with Matthew Knowles. (Bey doesn’t drop Tina’s name, but we’re pretty sure she’s talking about her her).

“Mama, I understand your many sleepless nights/When you sit and you think about Father/Or how you tried to be the perfect wife,” she sings over the tracks that features a clip of Mama Tina’s inspiring speech at the end. “You used to dress and fix your hair/ Then you smiled through your tears/ In the mirror you would stare/ And say a prayer, like, “I wish he said I’m beautiful/I wish it didn’t hurt at all/ I don’t know how I got here/ I was once the one who had his heart.”

Between Bey’s telling new song and his absence from Solange’s wedding, it’s clear the Knowles women are not here for Matthew who fathered numerous children outside of his marriage.

Hit the play button on “Ring Off,” below:

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Bey’s other single “7/11.” It’s the perfect “out with the girls” anthem and will serve as the soundtrack to year-end festivities everywhere.

Listen to “7/1,” below:

What do you think about Beyonce’s new jams? Will you be picking up the platinum edition of “Beyonce” when it’s released on November 24?


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