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7 Things to Remember During the Holiday Madness

Move over Kim Kardashian and family! This week I received two of the most beautiful Christmas Cards from two separate friends, of their two perfect looking families. Each of my girlfriends had dolled up their families – one including two children (a boy and a baby girl) and her husband, the other with her son and his father, her fiancé. Both families smiled brightly for the cameras, all donned in gorgeous matching outfits. I have to say, I was truly proud to gaze upon each of their faces, knowing where each of them have come from. Like the Kardashians, The Puff Daddy’s and Wade’s of the world, my friends’ are proud of their family units and chose to give family and friends a look into their happiness via their annual cards, but while things look very peachy and creamy to those of us miserable folks who are a.) single with no love for the holiday b.) are going through breakups or divorces or c.) may just be unhappy during the holidays, their happiness is just sickening to see.


Well to the grinches out there, who are opting to soak in misery, here’s a little cheer for you. A reminder that you are not alone in bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders and sometimes “appearances” aren’t all that they appear to be. That happy married couple on the pretty card, although they are smiling gleefully, behind those smiles may just be hiding the pain of harsh words spoken in an argument about how they overspent on the kids’ gifts and now do not have the money for the mortgage. Or perhaps the perfect kids in the photo are failing on their latest report card for the semester. There’s always more to the story and the moral of the story is that there’s always hidden “holiday madness” and sometimes you have to simply be grateful for where you are, regardless of what it seems others are doing or having, better than you.

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