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How do you thank someone for a gift? Etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore says if you answered by saying email, text, or phone call, you’ve got it all wrong. She says nothing conveys heartfelt thanks better than a handwritten note. She explains, saying,

“A handwritten note is a tangible and personal expression of your appreciation. It signifies that you took the time to focus solely on the giver, that you cared enough to express your gratitude. Letter writing is a lost art and when you write a personal note, you are creating something that will last, both on a piece of paper and in a person’s memory.”

Some guidelines for creating a proper thank you note: keep it short and simple, write it by hand even if your handwriting is bad, start with a salutation, express your gratitude and specifically mention the gift, reiterate your gratitude, and be sure to send it promptly. (ABC News)