Looks like Beyoncé and Jay Z are done with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, according to Radar Online. The feud started back in November, when Kanye verbally attacked both Jay Z and Beyoncé during a live performance. While on-stage during one of his “Saint Pablo Tour” shows, Kanye went off on the music mogul couple […]

Disney will begin the casting process for High School Musical 4 next week. Video auditions will be held from April 18th until May 2. Aspiring actors between the ages of 14 and 17 can submit auditions through the Disney Applause App.

How do you thank someone for a gift? Etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore says if you answered by saying email, text, or phone call, you’ve got it all wrong. She says nothing conveys heartfelt thanks better than a handwritten note. She explains, saying, “A handwritten note is a tangible and personal expression of your appreciation. It […]

Legendary singer Patti Labelle says don’t call her a diva anymore because the word is used so loosely.  She told PrideSource, “That word is used so loosely that I don’t even consider myself a diva. I always considered myself a woman who sings her heart out and who gives 120 percent. “Diva” is a word that I wouldn’t […]

Some blogs site are accusing Iyanla Vanzant of calling a 16 year-old rape victim a “hoe”. The Roots.com reports, yanla Vanzant has many titles: author, television personality, Yoruba spiritual leader. Now we can add sanctimonious slut-shamer to this list. In the latest episode of her show, Fix My Life, Vanzant counsels two sisters from San […]


Reports say that right after Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins — he leaned over and gave her a kiss. According to Kansas City Star, after shooting her in their master bedroom, he told her he was sorry and kissed her on the forehead. His mother was in the kitchen when the shots ran off. When she got into […]

Source TMZ Usher Raymond personally called 911 to warn authorities about a delusional female fan who was trespassing at his Georgia home on June 24 … and TMZ has obtained the 911 tape. During the call, Usher can be heard whispering to the operator … most likely so the woman outside his home couldn’t hear […]


via: cnn.com Listen to the 911 calls from both a wounded man and his mother-in-law – who both claim to have been shot at by the other. See More