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1. Never admit that your man has lost interest in you.

2. Make sure you’re the cutest one in your inner circle.


3. Always wear heels. Always.


4. Always know your position in life.


5. Double your wardrobe by using bandanas as tops.


6. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know.



7. Ask for permission, knowing you’re going to do what you want anyway.


8. Be 15 forever.


9. Find a talent so that you won’t have to ever get a “real job.”


10. Be a G.

11. Never have any f*cks to give.


12. Don’t stop believing.


 13. Accessories create ensembles.

14. Love yourself.

15. Make sure you’re loved.

16. Never let him see you sweat.

17. When the gym isn’t gonna happen, paint your abs on.

18. A lady never needs to use words to throw shade. Use your eyes.

19. Ignore your haters.

20. Don’t let anyone play you.

21. Vacation, often. On your private beach.


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