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Source: Sweet Chick / Sweet Chick

On May 21, 2015, the late Christopher Wallace would have been 43-years-old today and while we’re still mourning his death, some 18 years later, we can’t help but celebrate his life. We’re not alone.

John Seymour and his team at Sweet Chick restaurant have created a special menu for Biggie’s special day, to celebrate his life.

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While Sweet Chick is known for their serving up satisfying chicken & waffle dishes all day everyday, the specials coming out of the kitchen this Thursday will have you singing these iconic words, “It was all a dream/I used to read Word Up magazine.”

Each and every dish on this special menu has been inspired from the life and rhymes of B.I.G. and lyrics from classic hits such as “Juicy,” “Hypnotize,” “Big Poppa” and “Sky’s the Limit.”

The “Biggie Birthday Menu” will only be available at the restaurant’s Brooklyn location (164 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg) and includes:


Source: Sweet Chick / Sweet Chick

Dish Name: “We used to eat sardines for dinner”

Dish Description: Jerk marinated sardines, pickled mango, coconut and puffy rice

Dish Name: “A T-bone steak, cheese, eggs and Welches grape”

Dish Description: 16-oz T-bone, spinach egg custard, morel mushroom cheese sauce, red wine & grape soda spritzer

Dish Name: “Escargot, my car go 160″

Dish Description: Escargot, ramp spaghetti, garlic butter, grilled lemon

Dish Name: “The milk was chocolate, the cookies – buttercrunch”

Dish Description: Buttercrunch birthday cake, malted chocolate frosting, and butter toffee crunch with a side of drinking chocolate (topped with a crown of powdered sugar)

Dessert: Champagne Donut w/ champagne glaze, gold dust, and orange gelato.

Is anyone else hungry and completely satisfied by this awesome use of Biggie’s lyricism.


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