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A video posted by a 13- year-old’s father prompted her to jump from Tacoma Washington highway overpass.  Izabel Laxamana’s father posted a 15 second video of him cutting his daughters hair online as punishment for unspceified behavior leaving the child publicly humiliated. In the video the father can be heard asking his daughter if what she did was worth it – the young child’s response was no after the camera panned down to the floor filled with her hair.

Recently we have seen an uprising in parents turning to social media to pubicly shame thier children into behaving. I personally dont think these videos set a good example for anyone, infact in a lot of the videos I see parents cursing at and humiliating their children using worse language than criminals. What ever happened to parents not only disciplining with love, but also leading by example? Unfortunately I believe we will see more children hurt themselves because of their parents bully like behavior. Your children are going to make mistakes and as parents we are here to guid them through life, not create a database of all thier short comings for the world to see. Stop trying to go viral on the internet to entertain strangers who dont care one bit about you, by hurting the children who look up to you. Lead by example, and dicscipline with love and not for likes.

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-Ayana Mack