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Pope Francis delivered a lecture on Thursday calling for action in combatting climate change, reports CNN. The pope condemned modern trends like worshiping technology, addiction to fossil fuels, consumerism, and what he described as humanity’s reckless behavior as being part of the problem.

The pope warned that doomsday predictions could no longer be met with irony or disdain, and cited the general scientific consensus that global warming is real, and dangerous. He also penned blame on big businesses, energy companies, myopic politicians, callous religious officials, the media and more.

“The Earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth,” Francis said. “In many parts of the planet, the elderly lament that once beautiful landscapes are now covered with rubbish.”

That was basically a divine read. The pope is tired of people’s ish and wants the world to get it together.

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