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I’m a beautiful 30-year-old woman who is gainfully employed, a follower of God, single (but with many handsome prospects) and many amazing things going for me. But sometimes, I feel like I don’t have it together and am nowhere near figuring this life thing out. Sound like you? I hope so because I don’t want to be alone in this!

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I feel like there’s a ton of things that I just don’t understand or have. Someone help!

Almost 10 years ago, Glamour created a list, 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30. And now that list is a book and it’s been widely shared and revered.

However, we couldn’t help but notice there were some significant things that were missing from the list that every 30 year-old woman should make sure that she has in her life. Check out these 30 things you should have by 30 or even in your 30s to carry you through the rest of your abundant and beautiful life. How many do you have already?

1. A resume that’s true


2. Your favorite wine/cocktail on lock


3. Unshakable Confidence


4. A nice piece of furniture that’s not from college or second-hand


 5. Real workout clothes and not old tights and a T-shirt


6. Real and matching lingerie


7. Still no idea on how to date


8. A reason to smile like this at least once a day


9. Your signature look


10. A dress that makes you feel like…


 11. A pair of sneakers that looks cute with everything


 12. A relationship with your father & if that’s impossible, you’ve at least made peace with whatever relationship you have with him


13. At least one devastating heartbreak


 14. A nice suit that you’ve invested in


 15. Sheets with a ridiculous amount of thread counts


 16. A set of friends you can be yourself around


17. All kinds of insurance


 18. A good library of books


19. Your own set of tools


20. All the “-ologists”: Gyno, Derm, Psych, Weave, etc. on call


21. A sex toy that gets the job done


22. A reliable booty call


23. A workout regimen


24. The ability to not take yourself too seriously


25. Sufficient & effective networking skills


26. Nice jewelry–not from H&M, Forever 21 or Claire’s


 27. A neighborhood place where everyone knows your name


 28. The sense to go against cliches


29. A nice bag you can carry all your work items, also known as “not a tote”

30. Something to believe in



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