The search for Black-owned businesses to happily spend our Black dollars has gotten even easier.

After Beyonce announced that she was giving four $25,000 scholarships to Tuskegee University, Wilberforce University, Xavier University and Bethune-Cookman University, has decided to match the Queen. Google recently announced that they will also donate four $25,000 scholarships to Texas Southern University, Morehouse College, Grambling State University and Fisk University. This is absolutely beautiful!

Google will be investigating $1 billion in preparing Americans for the future of tech jobs, with CEO Sundar Pichai announcing the initiative yesterday (October 12th), the biggest philanthropic effort in the company’s history. The program, called Grow with Google, provides resources for Americans to learn and teach new technology skills to help ready the workforce as jobs […]

Google establishes a training space on its Silicon Valley campus for Howard University computer science students.

Critics are accusing Google Fiber of digital redlining, but company executives say they have it all wrong.

The search engine giant became focused on diversity after reports from 2014 showed that the company composed of the following: 60 percent were White and 31 percent were Asian, while 3 percent were Hispanic and 2 percent were Black.

National   If you search for “three Black teenagers” in Google, the algorithm offers an array of mug shots. But if you search for “three White teenagers,” well, an assortment of images of smiling White girls and boys pops up. The awareness comes after Kabir Alli, 18, a senior at Clover Hill High School, in […]

A new report says schools are accepting technology from companies that are data mining students. The researchers say students are vulnerable to privacy violations and harmful marketing.


Akilah Johnson is the first African-American artist to win the national competition, proving that Black art also matters.

Google responds to Senate inquiry about how it uses the personal data of millions of students. The lead senator wants more details.

The D.C high school sophomore believes that Black is beautiful and powerful.

Google announced the release of free internet for residents in the West Bluff neighborhood of Kansas City - the first area wired for Google Fiber.