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Stethoscope and EKG Representing Cardiac Checkup

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Have you ever gone to work while sick? If so, you’re not alone. According to TIME,

A new survey of medical professionals reveals they admit to going to work while sick too. Researchers surveyed over 530 attending physicians and advanced clinicians at a hospital and found that 95 percent said they believed working while sick puts patients at risk, and yet 83 percent admitted they had done it at least one time in the past year. Most said they worked while under the weather because they didn’t want to let their coworkers or patients down, while others worried their peers would “ostracize” them if they called out. A corresponding editorial of the study reads, “Creating a safer and more equitable system of sick leave for health care workers requires a culture change in many institutions to decrease stigma– internal and external– associated with health care works illness.”

Why am I not surprised?