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Joan and Erika Smalls dealt out buckets of style, grace and life in their amazing ad for Balmain’s Fall line.

You’ve probably already gotten a peak at the collection this week since Kendall and Kylie Jenner had their fans in a tizzy with their ad. That was cute or whatever. The competitive look Kendall is giving Kylie is priceless! You know she’s thinking, “I’m going to need you to back up out of my spotlight.”

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Bella Hadid and her sister, Gigi, also posed for the campaign. Their ad wasn’t bad, either as Bella gave her sister a little touch-up. Very helpful!

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The brand didn’t leave out their male customers as they also shot an ad with Armando Cabral and his brother Fernando. We think one of them needed a nap, but they looked great!

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Those are all great efforts. Really! However, Joan and her sister Erika shut it all down with their ad as they served up face and swoop bangs for days. It was the perfect accent to the complementary black-and-gold looks. The shot is stunning!

They didn’t have to be playing out any scenario in their ad to pull you in. They just sat there looking fabulous and got a captivating ad. Erika did such an amazing job, we hope she at least takes up modeling as a side hustle because the camera was loving her as much as Joan. Here’s the wide shot, so you can take it all in.

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Even in the group shot, they manage to be the centers of attention with the Jenners and the Hadids draped all over them. They dominated this shot.

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If Balmain is the army it claims to be then Joan and Erika are certainly enlisted as top-ranking generals.


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