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Roland Martin talks about the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, DC with Ben Chavis, Russell Simmons, Chuck D., Dr. Cornel West and a host of others.

“I think the message of self love is always welcome. It’s always very helpful. The most powerful thing for me, where I can be a good servant, I think is when he talked about redistributing the pain,” Russell Simmons said.

“The only person that can bring this many people out. The wonderful thing is that after 60 years, where people are for sell, he never sold out. He never caved in,” Dr. Cornel West said.

“There is a continuity. We planted seed at the Million Man March. Those seeds are flowers. We have to cultivate. Justice Or Else is going to be an ongoing movement. They’re going back to their local communities, revitalized and focus,” Ben Chavis said.

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