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Dear Tom,

I am 13 going on 14 and in the 8th grade.  My sister’s name is Destiny and she is 12 and in the 7th grade.  We have been living with our “mammaw” since I was two years old.

She has worked at Ohio national for over 38 years raising us as a single mom.  She keeps us active in church as junior ushers, greeters and choir members.  We also like making her proud by doing well in school.

My writing teacher gave us a word to write an essay about.  I opened the dictionary and when looked up my word “selfless,” I thought about my mammaw.  For the last 10 years, there is nothing we have ever needed that she didn’t get for us.  I honestly can’t wait until I can get a job so that I can buy things for her.

I know one thing she has wanted for a long time is new couch.  The one in the living room was there before we started living with her.  It’s in our baby pictures.

It’s a dark chocolate brown leather and some of the seams have recently split.  But she patched it up with electrical tape – you can hardly see it with the bright pillows and a quilt draped over the back.

A few months ago, she saw a couch at Macy’s – it must have been love at first sight because she “stalks” it.  The Kenwood mall is close to her office so it’s easy for her to stop by on her break to check and see if the price dropped.   She has been saving for it but something always comes up.

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