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Chancellor Gary is one of the stars of Lifetime’s, Child Genius, a docu-series that follows the families of America’s brightest young minds competing for $100,000.  Gary shocked the judges in week one after remembering and reciting all 52 out of 52 shuffled cards after just one hour.


He and his parents civil trial attorney Sekou and former Wall Street investment banker Taylora, talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his plans for the future, their decision to home school and the importance of advocating for your children.

What he wants to be when he grows up:

“I want to be a video game software developer. Maybe I’ll start a YouTube channel.”

What he does for fun?

“I play video games a lot. I watch television and anime. I play basketball.”

How is it raising a genius?

“It’s an interesting experience. I have other children and they all get along great. One thing about Chancellor is that he’s great with his siblings,” Taylora said.

When did she first knew that Chancellor was gifted?

“Very early on, when he was one, he had an extensive vocabulary. By two he was speaking in full sentences.”

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