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Mike Sullivan

Source: Harris County / Mike Sullivan

Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan is announcing that newly designed voter registration certificates are in the mail and voters should review their information.

“With these new changes we are putting the power to find where to vote in the palm of your hands,” said Sullivan. “Generally, the only thing that changes on the certificate is the color, but this year, we decided to make some changes to make it easier for voters to understand their certificate.”

The new certificates are light blue (formerly orange), and they are now translated in multiple languages, contain special notations for any precinct changes and a QR code, directing voters to http://www.harrisvotes.com.

“We are taking an antiquated document and breathing new life into it,” said Sullivan. “We have made advancements and improvements to help educate the voters.”

Every registered voter is encouraged to review their voter registration certificate to ensure the information is correct. If a voter has changed their name or moved within the county, visit http://www.hctax.net, go to the Voter Registration tab and click on the Name/Address Change link. We want to make it as easy as possible to update your information on our optimized website.

Registered voters can also check our website to view their current voter registration information. Anyone with questions should contact the office at voters@hctx.net or 713-274-8200.

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