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FILE PHOTO: Actress Zoe Saldana To Play Nina Simone In Biopic Role

Source: David Redfern / Getty

The new trailer for Nina Simone’s biopic starring Zoe Saldana is causing controversy.

Aside from Zoe Saldana’s acting in “Nina” which it said to be well played, her character is in blackface and has a prosthetic nose.

In efforts to make Zaldana look more like the late singer, her appearance is altered for the role. Criticism has sparked over objections that a woman of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent was casted as Nina Simone.

Historically speaking, the jazz singer was also an activist and defiant figure of the 1960s civil rights movement. She composed songs addressing racist treatment of African Americans such as “Mississippi Goddam” and “Four Women” which described experiences of women with different skin tones.

Nina Simone’s daughter has personally disavowed the film and the casting decision. Fans have also spoken out online that the role could’ve been easily played by other actresses such as Lauryn Hill, Viola Davis, Danai Gurira, and more.

Additionally, much of Nina Simone’s centered around her marginalized treatment as a dark-skinned black woman.

Saldana tweeted out a quote from Simone saying “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me. No fear. I mean really, no fear.”

The film is scheduled to hit theaters April 22. Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think:

via: CNN