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While Kanye West may be a musical genius, his frequent streams of consciousness on Twitter leave many people questioning his sanity. Hip Hollywood recently asked life coach, spiritual guru and the auntie we’ve always wanted, Iyanla Vanzant, to assess Kanye’s bizarre behavior.

“As an elder, I pray for him because I see something there that represents a possible imbalance” she began.

“We watched it with Whitney, we watched it with Michael, we watched it with Phyllis Hyman. We watch this over and over and we turn our faces as though – OK- somebody (else) will deal with that. No, we need to deal with it. But, we can’t deal with it unless he’s willing.”

Iyanla went on to say, “My prayer…if he is in need of healing and support, make his spirit willing so it doesn’t have to be another disaster.”

Preach! Such wise words from Auntie Iyanla! We hope Kanye will listen to her advice!


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