The year 2020 was not a good one for many, including Kanye West. Reportedly, Yeezy dropped $12 million dollars for his doomed from the start Presidential campaign.

Kanye West is overdue on some bills after a selected bunch from his Sunday Service crew launched a class-action lawsuit against the rapper for unpaid wages for a live performance show last year. What's a million to a billionaire?


Kanye West's Presidential campaign took another L. Yesterday (Sept. 4), a judge granted an order to removed Yeezy's name from the Virginia ballot.

MyChannel, Inc., which specializes in video and e-commerce technology, says they helped West get his Sunday Service events off the ground.

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Tina Wyatt, Harriet Tubman’s great-great-great niece is not here for Kanye's comments.

Kanye West reportedly let the Kardashians and friends down with his latest sideshow.


With a bulletproof vest on his torso and "2020" etched on his dome piece where a fade should've been, Kanye continued to leave the South Carolina crowd speechless as he delved into the weirdest and most asinine campaign rally since, well, Donald Trump's a few weeks ago.

Kanye West hasn't decided to drop out of the 2020 Presidential Race after all. According to TMZ, Kanye West has indeed continued with his presidential run by officially registering as a candidate. On Thursday (Jul 16), Yeezy completed the first round of paperwork with the Federal Election Commission. Filing out the State of  Candidacy form, Kanye reveals that he met the minimum requirement of raising at least $5000 in campaign-related expenses, which allowed him to officially add his name to the ballot under the federal campaign law.


Though this seems like normal behavior these days given Yeezy's past actions in recent years, TMZ is reporting that his family and friends are worried that Kanye is going through a serious bipolar episode at the moment which has him all over the place at the moment. Though it seems like Kanye's really off his rocker at the moment, those who know him say this is actually an annual outburst that tends to subside on it's own.

Kanye West has just announced he is running for President this year as opposed to 2024 as he originally mentioned. He had mentioned that he’s running under the “Birthday Party” ticket and has even made “troubling comments of the anti-vaxxer and pro-life variety” in a new interview with Forbes magazine. On top of all that, Ye […]

It seems that Kanye West‘s plans for his childhood home aren’t coming to fruition without a few problems after the city of Chicago halted renovation to the old crib. According to the Chicago Tribune, Kanye West has run into trouble with the city of Chicago while in the midst of renovating the South Side home […]

Kanye West brought Sunday Service to Houston ... in front of his biggest crowd yet.