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Last night’s debate in Miami, Florida got a little heated–and that wasn’t because of the southern Florida weather.

Coming off the eve of Bernie Sanders snatching the Michigan primary right from Hillary Clinton’s edges, not surprisingly the two heavily clashed, mostly “over immigration reform, U.S.-Cuba relations, health care and Wall Street policy, and debated their electoral strategy going forward,” NPR wrote. It was a tit-for-tat night with Clinton calling out Sanders’ shortcomings and Sanders clapping right back telling her he can show her all the receipts. 

The moderators also pressed Clinton on why Americans don’t see her as “trustworthy” because of Benghazi and her personal emails, while Sanders was called out comments he made in the 80s about Castro and why he voted against an immigration reform bill in 2007.

Now given where the debate was located and the fact that Univision hosted it, immigration was a hot button issue, with both candidates straying from President Barack Obama’s current stance on the issue, swearing “to halt the deportations of undocumented immigrants who don’t have criminal records,” CNN wrote

Sanders said “I can make that promise,” Sanders, while Clinton told the crowd, “I do not want to see them deported. I want to see them on a path to citizenship. That is exactly what I will do.”

They also both discussed GOP frontrunner’s vow to build a wall around the Mexican border and miraculously make Mexico pay for it. “As I understand him, he’s talking about a very tall wall — a beautiful tall wall, better than the Great Wall of China,” Clinton said. “It’s just fantasy.”

In addition, the candidates addressed Trump’s problematic and polarizing statements and proposed policies around race, gender and ethnicity. Clinton called the businessman “un-American,” while Sanders said he was someone who “insults Mexicans, who insults Muslims, who insults women, who insults African-Americans.”

The debate also brought us one of the most touching and endearing moments in the any debate thus far.

During a question and answer section between the audience and Clinton and Sanders, a Guatemalan woman Lucia stood up to ask the candidates what they were going to about immigration and reunite families who have been ripped apart due to the nation’s immigration laws. 

Speaking in Spanish, Lucia woman told the crowd that she and her five children haven’t seen her “hardworking” husband since he was deported 3 years ago. As the candidates responded back to her, Univision reporter Enrique Acevedo leaned in to whisper the translation in her ear.

Lucia’s personal experience along with her “hardworking” husband provided a much-needed “counter narrative to Trump’s rhetoric that most [Latino immigrants] are either ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals,” All Digitocracy pointed out.

Moving forward, whether Sanders can continue to chip away at Clinton’s lead will soon be seen. Next Tuesday, voters from Florida, Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina and Illinois will cast their ballots.


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