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Father and son jogging together.

TOTAL SUPPORT INITIATIVE (TSI) presents “Man Up Boot Camp 2016” a response to the needs of boys of color at the Fifth Ward Multi Service Center on March 19, 2016 and the Sunnyside Multi Service Center on June 11, 2016.

MAN UP BOOT CAMP 2016 is a one-day event which focuses on giving boys of color grades K-12 the opportunity to spend structured, quality time with men of color who will offer them valuable tools necessary for traveling the road to manhood. There is no cost to attend.

Why boys of color?  Nationally, Black and Latino boys are more likely than others to be suspended or expelled from school, less likely to enroll and graduate from college, more likely to be classified as mentally retarded or as having a learning disability, disproportionately likely to have interaction with the juvenile justice system, and more likely to be incarcerated. Now is the time for direct and purposeful action.

Workshop Topics

Real Men Look Up: A Lesson In Faith – inspirational session highlighting the role of faith on the journey to manhood

How to Tie a Tie (ties provided at event) – “How-To” session offering step-by-step training on putting on a tie

Respecting Authority – a back-to-basics session around respect, how to demonstrate it, why it is absolutely imperative to demonstrate it to everyone especially those in authority, and potential dangers of failing to demonstrate respect

Friendship: Choosing the Right Squad – cautionary session highlighting the importance of choosing friends wisely and avoiding harmful associations and friendships

Puberty & Hygiene – informational session aimed at increasing awareness of what to expect during puberty, minimizing awkwardness and helping boys to develop personal hygiene routines

Girls! Girls! Girls! (grades 6-12 only) – straight talk about girls, appropriate conduct, and avoiding risky behavior

Health & Fitness (physical activities for grades K-5 only) – highly interactive session emphasizing the benefits of physical activity

Pinning Ceremony – The event closes with a special pinning ceremony symbolizing each boy’s commitment to applying what he has learned. Workshop leaders will present each attendee with a Man Up Boot Camp pin.

Mothers are invited to stay for the duration of the event to access the Mother’s Den hosted by TOTAL SUPPORT INITIATIVE volunteers which is a designated area for mothers to meet other mothers and participate in lively, fun-filled discussion and activities related to parenting, healthy relationships, self-care, and accessing community resources. Be a part of the solution. Go to or call 832-780-9535.





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TOTAL SUPPORT INITIATIVE (TSI) was established in 2010 with a focus on providing support to single mothers. Today, TSI focuses on supporting ALL mothers who desire to parent well. Projects and events are designed to expand our support system, share relevant community resources, and offer tools that can minimize some of the challenges of parenting. Simply put, we are mothers supporting each other. Please join the People’s Station Majic 102.1 in showing support to the future of our communities and nation as a whole.