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Sprint CEO Apologizes For Controversial Ad 

An “unrehearsed” dinner and focus group between Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure and customers of other major phone carriers is causing a controversy. Claure asked the table what came to mind when they heard the word, “T-Mobile” A white woman sitting next to the mogul said, “Oh my God, the first word that came to my head was ‘ghetto’, [I know] that sounds like, terrible.” As the clip began to draw backlash, Claure defended the ad in saying, “Sometimes the truth hurts.” Many Sprint customers of color used social media to ask Verizon and AT&T if they had any “non-racist” deals. Eight hours later, Claure re-addressed the situation. “I’ve just read all the comments regarding the video we posted and I want to profoundly apologize again to anyone I offended” he said on Twitter. “As a proud Hispanic immigrant, I should have been more sensitive and known not to publish the customer’s comment. This was an honest mistake and lesson learned.” Kansas City Star

Teen Allegedly Forced To Have Sex During Job Interview 

In 2014 Denisse Villalta, then 19, applied for a receptionist job at the law firm JS Barkats PLLC. According to a recently filed lawsuit, Villalta claims that during her interview with lawyer Sunny Barkats, she was forced to strip naked and have sex with him in order to get the job. When Villalta arrived at the Manhattan offices the next day, she claims that not only was she forced to have sex, but according to the lawsuit, Barkats allegedly “began to forcefully choke and threaten” the new hire while saying, “‘If I catch you with someone else, I will kill you. You belong to me.’” Villalta said that her former boss also told her that she would have to be tested for STDs, after her second day at the office, she never came back. Barkats, claims the victim’s lawsuit is “completely ludicrous [and] ridiculous”. Villalta is seeking unspecified damages. NY Daily News

Man Claims Burger Came With Marijuana

Police in Milton, West Virginia were called to investigate a suspicious car in a Wendy’s parking lot. A K-9 search indicated that drugs were in the vehicle. One of the passengers had hidden marijuana inside of a “Baconator” cheeseburger. When confronted, the suspect told police the restaurant must have been responsible for the joint. Milton Police posted the incident on social media and they even reached out to the fast food chain regarding the incident. “Wendy’s shows that marijuana is not a standard ingredient for a baconator” said the officers on Facebook. FOX 11

Couple Arrested For Allegedly Posting A Sexual Assault On Social Media

Reportedly, Marina Lonina, 18, filmed Raymond Gates, 29, sexually assaulting an unidentified 17-year-old in Columbus, Ohio. Lonina broadcasted the lewd act on the live streaming act Periscope. A friend of the victim saw the video and alerted police. Lonina and Gates have been charged with rape, kidnapping, sexual battery and pandering sexually-oriented matter involving a minor. Lonina also had nude photos of the teen on her phone. The pair face up to 40 years in prison if convicted. NBC4i


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