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Credit card

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If you got a new credit card recently, it’s likely it has a chip. According to CBS News,

These microchip-enabled cards are designed to make it harder for crooks to steal sensitive data, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying. Most recently scammers, pretending to be card issuers, are sending emails to people who have no yet received their new chip cards asking them to update their accounts by providing personal information, or to click a link to continue to process of getting their new chip card. If you click the link, malware can be installed on your computer or mobile device. Consumers who fall or scams like this may be exposing themselves to identity theft, which is typically done for financial gain. By compiling profiles on individual consumers, some scammers are able to open credit cards in their victims’ names.

Dang!  Scammers will find a way to get around things to get what they want.  Crooks.  GET A JOB!!

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