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President Barack Obama discusses how he explains Selma and Ferguson to his daughters

Source: White House / Flickr



Every girl in the world wishes that her knight in shining armor could be half as talented as Steph Curry, as good looking and successful as Will Smith, as ingeniously business savvy as a Jay Z or the ultimate…  the leader of the free world –President Barack Obama!

But the one thing we may overlook is what these guys were really like BEFORE they were household names. Would we have noticed their “potential” on a first date?

A friend once asked the question, “Should I date someone based on “potential”…I don’t think potential is enough to hang my hat on.” While it is indeed hard to know in the beginning just what a guy will be when he grows up, it’s best to take him at face value.

The new movie Southside With You is a love story inspired by the first date of our first couple, President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama and you can look for it to hit theaters in August. Another fun bit about the movie, it’s executively producer by singer-songwriter John Legend!  Will you be watching? I know I will!